Company ECO SUN INTELLIGENCE municipality IASI, and Franchisee is the new exclusive distributor of technology products and Eleven ONE in Iasi. Shared the same goal and passion in giving excellent Waterless car wash product as an alternative to excessive way of car washing like what home car washing and Giant car washing houses are doing

They are now here to cater new car owners’ demands of organic product that won’t allow them to use water and pollute the environment. Now bringing the technology closer to your place for your convenience, drive your car and grab a bottle of this wonderful product. Use it with ease everywhere and anytime you can. Meet us today and ready to experience new level of car wash.

Environmental considerations

Eleven ONE is a product that is organic, biodegradable, environmentally and friendly. Eleven ONE adopts the new technology in cleaning cars without water. It is a 100% eco safe because no waste water and other chemicals will be spills in soils and water passage.

Concerns regarding water conservation have been a common in all parts of the world. Thus, unreasonable water usage is now considered a crime. The people behind Eleven One are hoping you to join the battle by going waterless. Save your way into car washing houses by using waterless car wash today and help spread the word and increase environmental consciousness.


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