Eleven One Take a lead in Romania


Eleven One Take a lead in Romania

When car owners were asked why they wash their cars with Eleven One, their frequent answers were: Because Eleven One washed my car comprehensively, living no scratch and visible dirt. It’s very cheap, affordable and environmental friendly.

Cars is an investment, thus we should take care of our investment by giving it regular wash with organic product that wont scratch and cause visible damage on its paint. Frequent washing is the single best thing you can do to maintain and preserve your vehicle’s finish. Not washing your car will result to major repair like sanding and repainting.  More and more Romanian have became environmentally conscious and choose Eleven One than automatic car washing. Today, Eleven One opened new distributors:

Environmental considerations
Eleven ONE is a product that is organic, biodegradable, environmentally and friendly. Eleven ONE adopts the new technology in cleaning cars without water. It is a 100% eco safe because no waste water and other chemicals will be spills in soils and water passage.

Also, water conservation is highly considered, especially for those places with water restrictions and to cater the needs of those car owners who have great environmental concern. Use this new product to save water, money and effort. Eleven One is here to answer the planet’s lack of water. The lack of water is one of the most serious problems facing mankind today. Save water today and eliminate water usage by using Eleven One on your next wash. .

Advantages of washing your car using Eleven One products

  • Saves time- ELEVEN ONE can clean, polish and protect your car in minutes, compared with washing, drying, polishing in a classic way.
  • You can use it anywhere- ELEVEN ONE can be used anytime and almost anywhere: in the garden or in front of the building, at work, in the parking lot or on the roadside. Because it will no longer need of water hoses, shampoo, bucket or sponge.
  • Cost- A waterless washing with ELEVEN ONE is cheaper than an automatic washing and traditional car washing. With a 0.5 liter bottle of solution of Eleven One product it is about an average of 3-5 times wash. The microfiber towels can be reused hundreds of times, so the cost is negligible.
  • ELEVEN ONE average consumption in a washing solution:
    Mini Car: 70-90 ml
    Average Vehicle: 100-130 ml
    VAN, SUV: 150 -250 ml
    The amount of solution consumed is influenced by several factors:
    Vehicle size, degree of soiling of the car, outside temperature, user experience, type of spray used and other factors.
  • Safe to use- ONE ELEVEN does not contain toxic or hazardous substances instead derived from petroleum or VOCs. (VOCs = volatile organic compounds). It contains silicone or wax. ONE ELEVEN is completely safe, biodegradable and 100% organic.ONE ELEVEN has been extensively tested in the laboratory and has features of a green product, the ECO class. It has no hazardous properties and is made entirely from natural ingredients.
  •  Protection, Longevity and Polishing- it will protect your car paints and shield against UV rays and ACID rains. Special ingredients in the composition will give a high gloss body, which can last between 2-4 months. ELEVEN ONE contains a plant called Carnauba WAX polish. With its static and anti-slip effect it will keep you car clean for a


With Eleven ONE you can wash, polish and protect a dirty car in 15-20 minutes. No scratches, stress, no dirt, no unnecessary lost time and money! It is environmentally friendly and cheap to use. Try and believe! Get your Eleven One bottle now and experience the qualities of this revolutionary product, you can order a product testing in our shop.

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