Introducing WALESS – Waterless Car Wash in Dubai


Introducing WALESS – Waterless Car Wash in Dubai

The waterless way of washing a car t has really gone fully international given that it was initially introduced towards the American marketplace a lot of years back. You can now come across dealers, vehicle washes and customers that are all significant supporters from the waterless car wash in all corners of the world. Nowadays we are going to take a look at a provider which is seriously creating excellent use in the waterless automobile wash products in Dubai, we would like to introduce you to WALESS.

If you are not familiar, Dubai is a portion in the United Arab Emirates and is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Dubai is also filled with a few of the tallest buildings in the world. Dubai is often a commerce city in all senses from the word and big small business actually happens in Dubai. Regardless of being such a wealthy region not almost everything comes easy for Dubai. While nobody is going thirsty, water is not something which is very easily obtained on a sizable level. Folks could possibly not have a problem turning on the tap or grabbing a glass of water but resources are limited and water is usually imported. If that is not the right location to implement the waterless auto wash then we do not know what is!
WALESS not only sells the products necessary for you to clean your automobile at house without having water but they’ll also wash your automobile for you easily and professionally. WALESS will be the exclusive distributor of Freedom International USA, the leader inside the market of waterless car wash items. Point blank, should you are in Dubai, WALESS is the one particular and only spot to get the highest excellent waterless vehicle wash goods available inside the world. Just like dealers of waterless car wash items developed by Freedom all over the globe, all the items from WALESS are biodegradable, non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Being situated in such a wealthy region WALESS has gotten the chance on numerous occasions to clean some definitely spectacular seeking vehicles. From best with the line luxury cars and motorcycles they’ve noticed it all. They’ve even cleaned an airplane or two using the waterless auto wash items and we have got to say we don’t believe we’ve ever observed an airplane appear so very good or shine and also it did after getting the merchandise from WALESS applied to them.


Owners of luxury vehicles are frequently very picky about what exactly is used on their auto and they must be given the price of several of the vehicles. It is a good sign for the waterless vehicle wash globe that these owners are seeking to waterless vehicle wash products from firms like WALESS to not simply clean but safeguard their cars also. We are truly a part of a future revolution with products like these.

Introducing WALESS – The Waterless Car Wash car cleaner of DubaiWALESS - CARE FOR YOUR CAR & THE ENVIRONMENT

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