Waterless Detailing every Monday


Waterless Detailing every Monday

You know what the worst part of the whole week is for most people? Monday morning. They wake up and just don’t want it to be true. They wish they were still in bed. More than anything, they wish it was still Sunday. This is really too bad though because people that are more satisfied with their lives and lifestyles don’t actually get up dreading the Monday blues. There is no need to because Monday is just another day in their wonderful life. Don’t you wish you could enjoy Monday that much too? Well we’ve got a little tip for you that could make Monday, and the rest of the week after that a whole lot better.

If you have come to know us by now, you already know that we think the waterless car wash is a solution for just about anything in the world. To us, a case of the Mondays is no different. If we are feeling sad, we can cheer ourselves up using the waterless car wash. So why can’t we make our Monday even better by using the waterless car wash too? seems perfectly plausible to us.

The first thing we suggest doing is washing your car using the waterless car wash every Sunday. Get out there bright and early or get out there in the late afternoon. It is your Sunday and the choice is entirely up to you. We are getting a little bit off topic here but we almost can’t think of any better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than washing your car waterlessly. Make sure to really wash it good because your happiness is going to depend on it. Take your time. Start from the top and move down. The important part is that when you’re done, your car will shine.

Most people will park a freshly washed car somewhere that it can’t get dirty. No needs for that with the waterless car wash though. Just park it in the first place you will see when you get out of bed the next morning and look out the window. We suggest checking on Sunday night to make sure you can see your car from inside the house first thing when you wake up.

The next day when you wake up, it will still be Monday but it will get off to a much better start than any Monday you’ve ever had before. When you wake up, leave your room and you will be greeted by your car looking back at you through the window. Only your car looks a little different today doesn’t it? It looks a little shinier, right? Doesn’t seeing your car look so shiny make you instantly feel better?

So while the waterless car wash can’t turn back time and make it Sunday again, it can make Monday hurt a whole lot less. Just make sure you remember to wash on Sunday and your week will be off to a fantastic start.


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