Waterless Car Wash images and how to protect them

Waterless car wash professionals love to show off their hard work with great looking pictures. Sometimes it is a before and after shot or just the final result. Either way, posting pictures of super-clean cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles is a perfect way to showcase your work. Your blog, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are prime places to post your pictures online. When you post them online, it is possible for other people to download them and use them as they wish. There are copyright laws against this, but who has time to chase people down or fund a lawyer to go after them? Not me.

One way to protect your famous waterless car wash pictures is to place a watermark of your logo all over the picture or just in one place. There are a few image editors that will batch process this with 1-2 clicks of the mouse. Watermarking your pictures cannot stop people from downloading them, but they will have your logo appear on them.

Justin at has done a great job of showing us what a watermark looks like in these nice pictures.

Please remember, if you care about what people could do with your posted pictures,  be sure to at least place your logo watermark on your pictures before uploading them.

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