How to Gain Massive Online Visibility for your Waterless Car Wash business

Over the past 15-20 years, my media team and I have created massive amounts of content for my own companies, brands and events. All of this effort and creativity produced massive online visibility. The hard work paid off and my main waterless car wash website was ranked #1 on Google for over 6 years.  Would you like to have the #1 website in your niche? What if you were #1 locally for your business sector? With enough time and effort creating relevant content, on a regular basis, you can achieve similar results as we did. Stick with it. Your efforts will pay off.


Besides working in the Waterless Car Wash product business, I operate a small web media/ web marketing agency. We perform the same content creation duties and promotion functions I explained earlier, but now I do this for other companies. My role is to help them become #1 on Google and dominate their niche market.

How? What exactly do we do to dominate our sector? Here is a quick example: We create a high-quality blog post with pictures, links and a call to action. My team then creates 5-10 other media types out of this original blog post.  This can be pictures, videos, audio podcast, a pdf or a powerpoint file. This stack of original media content is then uploaded, posted, distributed and promoted around the web. The videos go to the video sites. The Powerpoint files goes to the Slideshare.com site and sites like it.  Basically, the files are uploaded to the important media sites relevant to the type of file it is. All of these posts will be linked back to the original blog post and main website, and will include important keywords, phrases and location specific information. Included in this list is social media sites and social bookmarking sites. Over time, Google will notice this massive amount of relevant content, dripped out on a regular basis. They will see your site as a leader in your niche/ realm and rank your website higher. They will boost it higher than others who are not taking the massive efforts to publish great content. This kind of massive effort is not easy to accomplish, but it is works. After 15-20 years of massive content creation and distribution for our own companies, I am more confident than ever that this is what works the best. Regular Content Creation + Smart Content Marketing and Cleaver Content Promotions + Social Media = Massive Online Visibility & Success!

If you are cleaning cars, detailing exotics or selling the waterless car wash products, you meet people with cars, trucks and boats. Be sure to take massive amounts of pictures, video & audio on a daily basis. Document every one of the daily events on your blog or social media site. Show off that super slick car that you polished for 6 hours. Take 50 pictures and post them everywhere. Don’t let it become forgotten. Be sure to include your website link and what you want someone to do with it.

Gain Massive Online Visibility with Massive Actions!

Here’s a great infographic illustrating exactly where we post our content and why.  If you are interested in being Omnipresent for your niche/ industry/ category or business, please contact me. Dave [at] MassiveMedia.biz or Dave [at] WaterlessPro.com

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