Waterless Car Wash & Mothers Day Go Hand in Hand

As you know, our mission here is to help you create, grow and monetize your waterless business. For most people, having your family’s support is a very important part of success. Doing special things for your family is only one way of showing how much you care for them. It is also a way to say thank you for the support they give you while you pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.

Mothers Day is coming up on May 11th 2014. What are you going to do for your mother on this special day?

Nothing says “I love you mom”, like a clean car and a box of chocolates.

Here are a few ideas for you. You can arrange for her car to be cleaned by a waterless car wash professional or you can clean it yourself where it is parked. The beauty of waterless car wash, is that you can clean a car virtually anywhere and anytime, wet or dry, in the shade or in the sun. Mom will be happy driving her newly cleaned car and will thank of you for making it happen.


Chocolate truffles and other chocolate treats are also very popular with mothers (and wives).  I have a friend (Karl) who is a chef from France who owns his own chocolate company in Atlanta, Georgia. He actually makes his own line of hand-crafted incredible chocolates and sells them online and wholesale. From Bon Bons to an entire box full of chocolate goodness, he has it covered. Karl is offering a Mothers Day special that you can order online. Please check it out http://shop.acacaoaffair.com.

Here’s the Mothers Day Special:

-Every order of $25 or more will get a free edible Orchid flower.

-Every order of $80 or more will get free shipping.
Make this Mothers Day a special one of your mother or wife. Clean her car into a glossy gem using a great waterless car wash product and give her a special box of incredible chocolates, hand-crafted from a French chef.
Waterless Car Wash and Chocolate – They go hand in hand – A Clean Car and a Happy Mom.
Please email me back if you cleaned your mother’s car and had chocolates delivered. I would like to know how it went. Thanks -Dave

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