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As you may know, I am a huge fan of Grant Cardone. His book, The 10X Rule, has greatly influenced my life since the spring of 2014, when I first read it. Since this writing, I have devoured it 7 more times and ask countless people to read it as well. Some read it and other have not. Many of the ones that did read the book began to make positive changes in their lives. Doing things at 10X levels were on the top of the list. The top two killers to anyone’s business (in my opinion & Grant’s) is being average and obscurity. You don’t want to be average, have an average life, sell an average product or do an average job. You want to be extra ordinary! You also want to be seen everywhere, all of the time. Don’t get lost. Get out there, post on your blog, have T-shirts made with your face or logo on it, and promote what you are doing/ everywhere possible.

These are just a few things from Grant’s book. There are 4 books in all. If you want to succeed in Sales/ Business & in Life, read these books and do what this very successful businessman has done.

I like to listen to the books on audio – www.Audible.com – Here’s a list of other books I recommend.

This way you can listen in the car, at the gym, while you wash dishes and other times.

Always be learning – Make stuff happen and do things at the 10X level. Thanks -Dave

Grant also has a few Youtube shows that you should be watching every week.



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